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Infection Surveillance Software

Increase patient safety by improving your team's efficiency in preventing hospital-acquired infections.


Infection Surveillance Software

Increase patient safety by improving your team's efficiency in preventing hospital-acquired infections.

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Greater Efficiency to Reduce the Number of Cases

Identify nosocomial infection cases in real time so as to limit pathogen spreading risk among the hospital population. ZINC will give you instant access to the list of patients at risk based on adequate cohabitation time with the infected patient.

Rigorous Follow-up

All cases of hospital-acquired infections must be documented. ZINC proposes all the necessary tools to follow up on isolation times as well as inquiry forms to fill out.

Efficient Infection Management by Implementing ZINC

Manual revision of files is a thing of the past. ZINC gives you access to the information you need when you need it. Our module offers interfaces designed in collaboration with specialists to efficiently respond to your daily tasks.

Follow-up of Positive Cases

ZINC allows for real-time identification and follow-up of positive cases for more than twenty infections associated with hospital settings. In addition to screening tests, ZINC will recognize multiresistant pathogens from the results of the antibiogram.

Attending to Carriers

When a patient is known to carry a nosocomial infection, ZINC can alert the infection prevention team upon arrival so as to confirm the implementation of appropriate precautions.

Identifying Outbreaks

In addition to identifying emerging outbreaks, ZINC offers tools for easily tracking all patients who were affected by this outbreak. No matter where the patients are, ZINC will perform  tight follow-ups to avoid additional spreading.


Analysis Module & Production of Nosocomial Infection Reports

By combining ZINC with our DATA module, you will be able to produce key reports for your work. For example:

Nosocomial infection incidence by department
Number of isolation days for patients by infection type
Evolution of bacterial resistance to antimicrobial treatments

Secure & Reliable Software

Science and technology have joined forces to offer you a system that is both secure and confidential. Improve the health of your patients by adding value to your establishment’s data.


  • Three-tier deployment architecture (HIPAA compatible)
  • TLS encryption for communication channels
  • Easy deployment for your establishment’s IT team

Mélissa Lamontagne, infection control and prevention

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke

More Time to Do More!

Using the audit program for hand hygiene allows me to save a lot of time. Data collection is fast and efficient. From the first quarter, we seized more than 43000 observations and obtained the reports we needed.

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