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Clinical Decision Support Systems for Hospitals

We offer expert systems for hospitals that are on the cutting-edge of clinical practices in the goal of improving healthcare services and preventing nosocomial infections.

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Optimize Antimicrobial Prescriptions

The perfect antimicrobial medication, precisely the right dose, at exactly the right time and for the correct amount of time. APSS software allows the antimicrobial stewardship team to improve efficiency in revising antimicrobial prescriptions and alerting pharmacists to ensure optimal patient follow-up.


Help Prevent Nosocomial Infections

Patient health is of great concern to us. Thanks to the ZINC software, infection prevention teams will be better equipped to prevent and control nosocomial infections in hospitals and in real time .

Articles From the Medical Field

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Louis Valiquette
March 19, 2019
The syndromic approach is the future antimicrobial stewardship assisted by computerized expert systems
Clinical decision systems are getting more and more specialized and their capacity to integrate clinical data, sometimes in real time, brings new opportunity to interact with the prescribers at a higher level.
Vincent Nault
March 19, 2019
Company of bioMérieux
Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada)– October 25th, 2017 Lumed, a leading-edge software firm with a mission to optimize infectious diseases clinical practice, improve antimicrobial governance, and enhance the quality of patient care, was acquired by bioMérieux, a […]
Vincent Nault
March 8, 2019
Lumed, improve health by optimizing care.
The entrepreneurial adventure is a journey that has been described on many occasions. Whether it is considered a marathon, a desert crossing or a roller-coaster, it is admitted that this is not an easy road. […]
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Awards & Recognition

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Laureat at the OCTAS

We received an award at the Concours OCTAS which is a unique opportunity to recognize the achievement of excellence in Quebec’s Information Technology industry. Each year, it rewards individuals, companies or organizations for their creativity, […]

Deployed Innovative Application Award

The work in artificial intelligence behind our expert system APSS was recognized at the international conference in computer science Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Innovation Academy Award

The Innovation Academy Award, is where the entrepreneurs in the microbiology and infectious disease field were pitching their developments of the future.
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