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Antimicrobial Stewardship Software


Antimicrobial Stewardship Software

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Solid performance for the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke

2.1 millions $

in Savings in the Purchase of Antimicrobials

Reduction of $2.1 million in the purchase of antimicrobial medication over the six years of using the APSS software.

91 %

of Prescriber Interventions are Accepted

APSS identifies suboptimal prescriptions to allow users to rapidly identify the prescription to recommend to doctors. Personalized medicine and realignment of prescriptions based on patient evolution offer the best chance for healing to each patient.

Efficient Management of Antimicrobials by Implementing APSS

Our Antibiotic Stewardship System allows you to save time by automatically analyzing and reviewing prescriptions according to the condition of each patient. It sends alerts to pharmacists so they may propose more affordable, more effective or better-adapted prescription recommendations adapted to the clinical condition of the patient.

Save Time in Your Antibiotic Stewardship

Save time thanks to our software that adapts to optimal workflow. Bring your expertise and make a positive, measurable impact on a greater number of patients.

Reduce Microbiobial Costs

Our systems allow for treatment reduction and correct use of intravenous antimicrobial medication by proposing less expensive oral alternatives.

Automated Patient Follow-Up in Real Time

Our expert software follows each patient’s evolution and automatically detects those susceptible to receiving antimicrobials in a sub-optimum manner. Our alert score allows you to work in line with the priorities of your establishment.


Analysis Modules and Generating Antimicrobial Reports

The software allows detailed reports production to respond to governmental requirements such as microbial consumption, types of interventions performed by the antibiotic stewardship team, the evolution of bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents over time and various other customizable reports for your hospital centre, according to your needs and issues.

Save time
Respond to Accreditation Canada requirements
Create personalized reports that are easy and intuitive

Secure & Reliable Software

Science and technology have joined forces to offer you a system that is both secure and confidential. Improve the health of your patients by adding value to your establishment’s data.


  • Easy and secure installation with your existing methods
  • Increased privacy protection

Dr. Tremblay

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke

Beyond the economic benefit, APSS and the antimicrobial stewardship team provide better treatments for hospitalized patients in my facility.

See How APSS Can Help You

Discover first-hand what the APSS software can accomplish to facilitate your daily work at your medical centre.

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