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Your Collaboration Allows Us to Save Lives

Your Collaboration Allows Us to Save Lives

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We use a Microsoft SQL server (at least 2008 R2), an IIS application (at least v7) and we have a WPF client deployed by ClickOnce technology that does not require administrator rights.

HL7 Interface

Our interface platform works unidirectionally with pharmacy, lab and microbiology and admissions data. These interfaces can work via file exchange or TCP/IP communication.

We do not use proprietary technology, which allows us to adapt to your data flow if they alter from standards.

Dictionary Management

Our algorithms require a standardization step for the of nomenclature used. We take complete charge of this step.

Our team has developed specialized mediators to unify the data used under one semantic with our algorithms.

Data Security

We suggest deployment of our platform within your hospital’s intranet. That way, patient data is protected by your infrastructure.

Our technology and  HIPAA standards to guarantee the security of your patient data. In addition, communication among user stations is encrypted.

Our expert systems have shown important impact on patient health. Access to data that you will put in place allows us to maximize the expertise of pharmacists, nurses and infectious disease specialists. Your contribution makes all the difference. We have two types of clients: the first for work station solutions is developed in WPF and the second is a web client developed in Angular. The latter can be used on mobile phones, tablets or computers.


Your work is crucial to the success of our deployment. As an expert in information technology, you hold the key to allow the success of a high-impact project for the patients within your hospital. We know that you are busy, this is why we take charge of various types of interfaces, we generate unique user patient IDs and we standardize the nomenclature used in your establishments.

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