Our products

APSS is the first commercially available Canadian automated antibiotic prescriptions surveillance system. It monitors antibiotic prescriptions and raises alerts for potentially inappropriate prescriptions using a state-of-the-art knowledge base of evaluation rules. APSS reorganizes your clinical information to facilitate the revision process. Its unique alert ranking system enables the clinical pharmacist to prioritize the patients that most require their attention. APSS was intimately linked to savings of $922,000 in antimicrobials spending over a period of 30 months in a 713-bed Canadian academic medical center. [more info]

ZINC implements the highest standards of nosocomial infection prevention and management. It automatically identifies new infection cases (VRE, C. difficile, MRSA) and their first contacts. ZINC recommends patients to isolate and monitors their clinical status.  It also manages the room cleaning process, including proper disinfection protocols. It maximizes infection prevention efforts by providing the right tools to monitor the hospital.[more info]

Our easy-to-use reporting module enables healthcare professionals and decision makers to extract meaningful information from our clinical database. Its wizard-type user screens guide the users through the production of reports. DATA is deployed with preconfigured report templates that can be executed with only a few clicks. Customizable reports enable the creation of on-the-fly queries to study a specific outcome or compare multiple variables. Users can modify existing templates and create new reconfigured report templates. [more info]


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