LUMED reunites specialists in computer engineering and health sciences. Our mission is to optimize clinical practice and improve the quality of patient care by providing cutting edge software solutions to assist health care workers and researchers.  


Mathieu Beaudoin

Louis Valiquette

Vincent Nault

Director of Techonology Medical Director President

Currently finishing a doctorate in computer sciences and a master in business intelligence, Mathieu Beaudoin knows how to find the right solution to the problem at hand. He has a mixed background iin computer sciences and a clinical sciences. He has worked since 2004 on developing softwares to improve the work of clinicians and researchers, an expertise he put to good use since 2007 for SBIRE consultant en informatique, a company he has cofounded.

Associate professor at the Department of Microbiology and Infectiology at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke, and consultant in infectious diseases and medical microbiologist at the CHU of Sherbrooke, Louis Valiquette specializes in improving prescribing practices and developing clinical tools to optimize the prevention and management of hospital acquired infections.

Currently finishing a doctorate in clinical sciences and a master in business intelligence, he specializes in modeling and transferring clinical knowledge into knowledge bases for automated surveillance system. He has put this expertise and his knowledge of statistics to good use since 2007 for SBIRE consultant en informatique, a company he has cofounded.


LUMED has chosen to surround itself with successful IT executives, technology transfer experts, and business men that know their way around. The advisory board members are there to provide guidance and advice, but also to challenge us in order to help us reach our full potential. They provide an outside opinion backed by years of experience and the wisdom of previous successes and failures. 

Daniel Lacroix

Daniel Lacroix, Advisory Board Member

A long time entrepreneur and experienced manager, Daniel Lacroix knows how to bring ideas to their full commercial potential. He has a long experience with information technology in various domains, where he has developed and commercialized computerized systems for hospitals, community pharmacies, medical clinics, and government agencies. He has occupied executive roles in companies such as Hypocrat, Speedware, and CGI.

Jacques Lajoie

Jacques Lajoie, Aviseur

A recognized expert in technology transfer and intellectual property management, Jacques Lajoie is Vice-President and Director of Technology of the Accélérateur de Création d’Entreprises Technologiques (ACET) at the Université de Sherbrooke, an incubation program for innovative start-ups which provides customized services to help creating the solid foundations needed for a commercial success. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of the Bureau de Liaison Entreprises-Université (BLEU) at the Université de Sherbrooke, responsible for the management, protection, and valorization of proprietary intellectual properties.

Roger Noël

Roger Noël, Advisory Board Member

A long time entrepreneur and active member of his community, Roger Noël has played a major role in the development of several successful enterprises as founding shareholder (Sisca Informatique, C-Mac, Gexcel Télécom, Médiatrix Télécom, and Biogentis). He is Chief Executive Officer of the ACET, as well as professor in the Accounting Department at the Université de Sherbrooke, where he was also dean of the Faculty of Administration for eight years. He also sits on a number of committees as strategic advisor and on the boards of several private corporations and non-profit organizations.

Elio Vettese

Elio Vettese, Advisory Board Member

Experienced entrepreneur, vendor, and manager, Elio Vettese founded and presided for 11 years Auto Mag, specialized in printed publications for classified ads. After it was sold, he presided for 2 years Les Publications d’Occasions and organized the sale of the company. He also consulted for University Bishop’s Dobson-Legasse Entrepreneurship Centre as marketing and financial advisor for numerous start-ups.



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